Friday, June 25, 2010

Unhealthy Foods Pictures

OK my good friend the wench seems to be unclear as to what's healthy food and what's not, so Captain Buck (wait, what's my name on this site?) is going to set the record straight. First of all, if you live in America... more specifically USA, pretty much ALL food is unhealthy. This is because it's an American tradition to eat unhealthy. It's also an American tradition to rack up ridiculous medical expenses due to the effects of eating the said unhealthy food.

There are some exceptions however. Californian's seem to like eating healthy. Vegetarian diets are popular and people LOVE guacamole. I've heard that it's high in "healthy fats". There are probably other parts of the country that like to eat healthy as well, but let's face it: Go outside in most cities/towns and you immediately run into 500 unhealthy restaurants.. There's the ever popular fast food such as McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy's, and then the sit-down restaurants which are even worse! Ruby Tuesday, Chilis, and Applebees are good examples.

Our country makes it entirely too easy to eat unhealthy. If you want to eat healthy, good luck finding something affordable and tasteful on the menu! It makes me sick that in our country a salad costs damn near $10, and it usually sucks! Go to Ukraine or Romania and you can have an AWESOME salad for a few bucks tops! Yes, I've been to both places and I can confirm this.

OK, so let's look at some pictures of unhealthy foods:


OH that looks tasty. Well it's also going to kill you. And burgers are one of the most popular meals here in the United States. Fast food places have them, and so do the sit-down restaurants. Beware of the many different forms of the burger that are equally unhealthy: "Cowboy Burger", "Mexican Burger", etc. In fact, if a burger has some sort of nickname it's probably even worse for you!

Ramen Noodles

Everyone loves Ramen Noodles.. OK, everyone at college loves Ramen Noodles. They're cheap and easy to make. Unfortunately for you, they contain enough sodium to turn you into a salt lick. Watch out for cows as they may suddenly find you attractive. Of course most "almost ready to eat" products contain TONS of sodium, but Ramen is at the top of the list.


Ah, soda... pretty much the only damn thing you can drink at 99% of restaurants! Not completely true, but what else can you drink? Water? Milk? It's the only damn thing you can get more than one glass of without spending a fortune. When you think about it, soda is such a bad idea.. absolutely loaded with sugar, which many people attribute to the worst of health problems. Some even think sugar is the REAL culprit behind heart disease and other illnesses, not fat and cholesterol.

French Fries

Oh, this one's just painful. You'd have to be a communist to not like French fries. Worst of all they are pretty much served with EVERYTHING. Order a cheeseburger and get fries.. order a damn falafel and get fries.. even soup seems to come with fries! And they are the worst.. not only do they have record setting amounts of cholesterol and fat, but fries also have a carcinogen called "Acrylamide" packed into them. Carcinogen is a fancy word for "causes cancer". Great eh? I'm sure we're all guilty of eating too many fries, but what can you do? Like I said, they're everywhere.

Canned Soup

Canned soup, like Ramen, contains loads of sodium. That's not all however.. It also has a good amount of fat and MSG. It's sad because I bet a lot of people think canned soup is a healthy alternative to... whatever it is that is healthy these days.

Well, it's an uphill battle trying to eat healthy in this country. Either you have to learn to cook healthy yourself, eat very simple and boring foods, or go to more expensive establishments that are actually trying not to kill you. Good Luck!


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